Best Places To Visit In Europe In Fall

Autumn is a magical time to explore Europe. The summer crowds have dwindled, accommodations become more affordable, and the weather cools to a comfortable level. Moreover, the fall season offers a tapestry of colors and a variety of festivals across cities and rural areas. Let’s not forget the mouth-watering seasonal cuisine made from freshly harvested fruits and vegetables. If you’re planning a trip to Europe this fall, here are some must-visit destinations.

Munich, Germany – Oktoberfest

Munich, Germany - Oktoberfest

If beer and bratwurst are your things, Munich is the place to be in the fall. Oktoberfest usually runs from the end of September through the first weekend in October. This is your chance to don the traditional lederhosen or dirndl and join the world’s largest Volksfest.

Why Visit

  • Beer tents
  • Traditional German food
  • Parades and music

Oktoberfest Official Website
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Transylvania, Romania – Halloween Vibes

Santorini, Greece - Less Crowded, More Romantic

Transylvania offers an eerie, magical atmosphere perfect for the Halloween season. With its ancient castles, including the famous Bran Castle associated with the Dracula legend, it’s an ideal spot for thrill-seekers.

Why Visit

  • Haunting landscapes
  • Historical tours
  • Gothic architecture

Visit Transylvania
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Santorini, Greece – Less Crowded, More Romantic

Piedmont, Italy - Truffle Season

While many consider Santorini as a summer destination, visiting during the fall means fewer crowds and still-wonderful weather.

Why Visit

  • Spectacular sunsets
  • Beautiful beaches
  • Unique architecture

Discover Santorini
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Piedmont, Italy – Truffle Season

Prague, Czech Republic - A Fairytale City in Fall

Piedmont is especially inviting in the fall when the rare white truffle becomes the centerpiece of local cuisine.

Why Visit

  • Truffle hunting
  • Wine tasting
  • Culinary tours

Explore Piedmont
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Prague, Czech Republic – A Fairytale City in Fall

Munich, Germany - Oktoberfest

Prague’s charming streets and historical landmarks are even more captivating with a backdrop of colorful autumn foliage.

Why Visit

  • Historical sites
  • Picturesque sceneries
  • Cultural experiences

Learn More about Prague
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